DAV Door Solutions

At the forefront for its doors, with a commitment to your needs


DAV Door Solutions is a customer centred company, continuously researching innovative solutions in the closure systems sector specifically for the home, commerce, and industry. With two decades of experience DAV knows well how to adapt itself to the needs of the market as well as how to gradually introduce new technologies. Thanks to this background, DAV has become a reference with its own identity in this sector, always following the guidelines of security, safety, quality, and the latest technology. The success of DAV is the satisfaction of its customers.

Certification and Quality

For DAV Door Solutions, quality is one of the main principles that guides the philosophy of the company. Our doors are CE marked and compliant with the latest European product directives, according to UNE EN 13241-1:2004.In addition, the motorizations and automations of the doors comply with their corresponding directives.