High-speed Door

Innovation at your service

DAV high-speed doors are recommended for areas of the workplace with frequent movement of goods, requiring maximum thermal, acoustic and hygienic insulation.

Our doors are made of high quality materials that ensure their resistance, reliability, safety and security. All our products conform to European directives. DAV high-speed doors are designed to support high frequency opening and closing at speed, thus avoiding changes in temperature, air currents, insects and other contaminants.

This type of high-speed door is ideal for superstores, supermarkets, stores, laboratories, warehouses, cold-storage facilities, the food industry, etc.

To respond to the needs of each customer, we offer a varied selection of high-speed doors:

  • High-speed roll-up door
  • Aluminium high-speed roll-up door
  • Self-repairing high-speed roll-up door
  • Fold-up high-speed door

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